You're ENGAGED! First of all, congratulations! What an exciting time in your life. Now that you're getting into wedding planning, I bet you're wondering...

Do I really need engagement photos?

I am here to tell you, that yes, yes you do. As a professional wedding photographer with years and years of experience, I am going to tell you every reason WHY you really need engagement photos.

Celebrate your engagement season

Wedding planning is BUSY. It is fun, it's exciting, it's a time of your life you'll never forget. But for some, wedding planning can feel overwhelming and stressful. Taking some time out and organising an engagement session is a great way to have a fun little date night away from the chaos of wedding planning. Take this time to really celebrate being engaged!

Get to know your photographer before the big day

Chances are, you found your photographer online or heard of them through a friend. If you've never worked with your photographer before, an engagement session is a fantastic way to get to know the person who you'll be spending the majority of your wedding day with. An engagement session can allow you to experience first hand how your photographer works, and allow you to get comfortable with each other. It's also super helpful for your photographer to get to know how you two interact with each other before the big day.

Photos for allll the things

Are you sending out save the dates? Will you be making a wedding website? Nothing elevates a save the date quite like a gorgeous professional photo of you two. These photos will not only be perfect for all of the wedding things, but will be lifelong memories preserved. Your parents will love them. You will love them. I will love them. Your family and friends will love seeing updated professional photos of you two and I can almost guarantee that your parents will be SO HAPPY to get prints to hang in the hallway.

A chance to try out different styles, hair, and makeup

An engagement session is the perfect time to see how your hair and makeup will photograph. Why don't you schedule your engagement session for the same day as your hair and makeup trial? An engagement shoot can help you feel 100% confident when you get up to the altar to say "I do" - you'll know you are looking gooooood in those photos!

Get comfortable in front of the camera

Most of my couples say that they aren't super comfortable in front of the camera. They are nervous, they think they will be awkward, they don't know what the heck to do with their hands - I get it! Working with your wedding photographer before the big day will allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and you can even do some of the same style of photos that you want to capture on your wedding day. This will help you feel confident that when the day comes, your photos are going to turn out perfectly.

Sydney Engagement Photographer

Your engagement photos should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. As a professional photographer specialising in natural, candid and timeless photos, I help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Have a look around and get in contact to schedule your engagement session with me! And hey, congrats again on your engagement ;)